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The Journey Here.

The time has come – welcome to my world.

I am 23 years old girl and live in Norway since end of May 2010. I moved here from Poland, where I grew up and had amazing childhood with my loving family and friends. I guess that my background is a lot different from most of the student, which come from Norway.

Different culture, nature, traditions and education system…all of these things makes me kinda special, I think. And I like it.

My Interests changes with time. I love books – they allow me to fade away to another world, where anything is possible. I love Alice and her wonderland, I love surrealism. I like fashion, nature, good food and wine. I like to do new things, which make me cross my comfort zone. I love my cat! I got a Savannah called Devon, and he made me a crazy cat lady 🙂

Since I was a little girl I have been creative. I come from artistic family and I always was drawing, sculpting, etc. I like to think outside the box.

About my schooling, I graduated high school back in Poland. I was in english – math class (although I hate the math). During that time I took some art classes – my plan was to apply to Academy of Art in Warsaw (Fashion Design).

Because of my future and bad situation in Poland I decided to move to Norway. I arrived right after my general exams ( after high school). Ever since I was working, I learned norwegian after one year (but I prefer to use english while I am studying Graphic Design).

I work at Printing company in Gaupne. I test Heat Transfers, so I see a hundreds of logos every day. That and my boyfriend, which is a Photographer made me think about Graphic Design as my Future.

I want to create.

Self Portrait


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