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Understanding positioning 

Understanding positioning

1. Look at the following logos and explain in your own words what you consider their positioning to be (do this for each one).

  • Coca Cola:


The Coca Cola logo is one of the most famous logo in the world. The red color and the white font (Spencerian script) put together in any word will remain me of this product. This logo is a perfect example that less is more. Simple and timeless.

  • Volkswagen:


Well known logo, combination of two letters closed within a circle. Quite simple, nice colors, but no wow factor – at least for me. Although, I think that it works good for the company. To be honest, I know nothing about cars, but when I see this logo I automatically think – Volkswagen. Das Auto.

  • Visa:


Nowadays, most of people have or had this logo in their pockets. Clear and simple.  I think that this logo is perfect for representation of financial services.

2. Lets work backwards! Look at the logo on the Apple iPhone and, by doing your own research, investigate the history of the product and the company that manufactures it. Give an outline, in your own words, of what you consider the following to be:

▪ Describe its brand identity – exactly as you see it

Apple, Think Different. Simple and elegant design. Easy to use, newest technology, high quality, expensive products.

▪ What do you think its positioning is currently?

I think, that when Apple makes something, no other company can beat it. Their products are getting better and better with every year. They have some competition, but they are no danger for Apple.
According to Forbes magazine research, Apple was the strongest brand in the world in 2012.

▪ What do you think the strategy for this specific product was?

I  think that they wanted to create a new product for their line.
This product would be able to synchronize with others by different applications like for example iTunes.

▪ What research do you think was done on this by the company who made it?

They checked what was missing, what new they could add and what they can make better. I guess, that they went through many different cellphone models.

3.  Now take the same product as in question 2 and explain, in your own words, how the visual element (in this case, the logo) fits in with the brand identity. 


I think, that the Apple logo fits in perfect. Simple and elegant as products which it represents.


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