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Mandatory Assignment 02 – Logo

In this assignment we were asked to design a logo for a new chocolate brand.  We can choose one of the target grous, which is: Teenagers or Women in their 30s.

The new chocolate brand called “Delight” needs a logo. It should be simple, easily recognizable and timeless. It should contain the brand name and a symbol/figure/ornament and not more than 2-3 colors.

I decided to chose the second target group which is the Women in their 30s.
Therfore my logo should be simple and elegant with a hint of femininity.

Research and work process

I used brainstorming as my technique to form my idea. I thougth, something soft, delicate, sensitive, feminin and elegant. The first thing which came to me was a feather. A little white feather.
Then I tried to think more, a star, sun, cocoanut. Yet, could not get the feather out of my mind, so I decided to go with it.

I searched the Internet for the most famous chocolate brands I knew, such like Lindt, Nestlé, Ferrero, Cadbury, Anthon Berg, Mars, Freia and Minde. Also, I had a look on chocolate shelfs in shops and took a pictures. Their logos are very universal. I would say that the best ones for my target group are Lindt, Anthon Berg and Cadbury. Very simple and effective, brand’s name closed within an ellipse or a rectangle, no more than 3 colors.

I downloaded a couple of feather pictures, inverted colors in the Photoshop, Image traced into black and white logo and adjusted, so it would good. Unfortunately, it would not look as I imagined. So after hours of tracking feathers.logodifferent feather, I set together three of the best looking. Then I made a tear-like shape – a half ellipse – half pointed shaped, which helped me fill up a bottom of the feather. Next, I traced and united it all in the pathfinder.

Then I had to play a bit with the anchor points, but at the end the feather looked nice. Once I got the motiv, I had to put it together with the brand name. I tried six different fonts, I imagined for fethaer to be above the Delight. In one of the samples I replaced the dot over “i” letter with the feather. Then I chose two options, which I liked the most, changed the rectangle with ellipse and applied colors into them. At last the feather above the Great Vibes script, harmonize nicely, what results in elegant and feminine logo. It also look very good in black and white version. delight.many


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