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Product Characteristics – Chocolate

Chocolate is a confectionery, usually sweet product, made of cocoa, fat and sugar. It comes in the form of a liquid, paste or in a block.
Chocolate is sensitive to temperature and should be storage in 15 – 17°C. It has high energy value, in 100 g chocolate is 500-700 kcal.
There are different chocolate products, the most common are:


  • Dark chocolate – contain at least 70% cocoa solids.
  • Milk chocolate – contain powdered, liquid or condensed milk and less than 50% cocoa solids.
  • White chocolate – contain milk, sugar and not more than 33% cocoa butter without cocoa solids.

Like any food product, chocolate have positive and negative health effects. It may reduce blood pressure, boost cognitive abilities, lower cholesterol or even releases endorphins in your brain.
From the other hand, consumption of large quantities may increase the risk of obesity, kidney stones, lead poisoning or osteoporosis.
Furthermore, there is some evidence that chocolate may be addictive.


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