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Learning Activity – Expressing Meaning

Choose two words from the list below:10934381_10202630205114631_1793329896_n

  • Compression
  • Transition
  • Contraction
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Disruption
  • Repetition
  • Elimination
  • Migration
  • Expansion

Also, create a “new” word, which has no dictionary definition, and a meaning that only you know.

Create three different compositions for your three words, one word per composition. In each, arrange each word to express its meaning, using either colour or black and white. Consider all and any means at your disposal: dramatic scale contrasts, cutting, repetition, letter spacing, etc.

I chose Compression and Contraction. My word is Brictive, which means BRIGHT PERSPECTIVE.

Below, you will find sketches and three compositions made in Illustrator.10917603_10202630205074630_2049176147_n10921696_10202630204994628_425649686_n10921693_10202630204954627_598115644_nCOMPRESSIONcontractionbrictive


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