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Mandatory Assignment 01 – Photography

You are to shoot a minimum of one image for each of the topic listed below. Remember to plan and space out your shoots and show this in the reflection note.

  • Night Photo – hint: slow sync
  • Freeze water – hint: fast shutter speed
  • “Misty / veil” – hint: slow sync
  • The golden section – hint: composition
  • Motion – hint: shutter
  • Contrast – hint: dark-light, big-tiny
  • Low key or high key – hint: exposure
  • Curves and lines – hint: composition
  • Drawing with Light – hint: slow sync
  • Depth – hint: first, middle and background

The images can be cropped, but not manipulated.

You are to upload ALL 10 images onto your blog, then choose three of the best photographs for your 1st semester portfolio.

The three portfolio images are to come with a short written description containing.

  • The technical settings for each portfolio images (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and focal length)
  • Reflections on the composition of the three images.

Night Photo:

night photoFreeze water:

freeze waterMisty/veil:

mistyThe golden section:

the golden sectionMotion:


contrastLow key:

low keyCurves and lines:

curves and linesDrawing with light:

drawing with lightDepth:



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