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Mandatory Assignment 05 – Product Website – Part 1

GRA 1 Mandatory Assignment 05 – Product Website
Subject Web Design GRA 105
Learning outcomes
  • Provide students with knowledge of use of typography and colors for screen based media.
  • Provide students with knowledge of basic scripting and coding for online media.
  • Provide students with practical skills and knowledge of tools used in working with screen based media (production and editing of web pages).
Theme HTML, CSS, Screen based design
  • Pencil, paper etc.
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, other software
  • Notepad, TextEdit, etc.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
Brief This mandatory assignment is divided into two parts. It runs over 10 weeks. Part 1 is due in the end of week 23, and part 2 is due at the end of week 31.

A local bakery has hired you, as they are launching their latest bakery product. They are in need of a stand-alone campaign website. (not part of their brand website)

You are in charge of their conceptual development, and web marketing for this product.


Part 1: Conceptual development, marketing and front-end web design

Before you begin, define the target audience. Be aware of your product, the idea, and how to market it before you begin the front-end design.

To represent the product you are also given the task of photographing product images to be used for the front-end design. These images are a small part of the evaluation; focus mainly on the front-end design.

Remember that in the front-end design, the site doesn’t have to work. Bear in mind technical issues of Part 2, but focus on the appearance.

Part 2: Web Development: Back-end design.

Now it’s time to develop the web site, by building it with HTML and styling it with CSS.
The site will consist of the following elements:

    1. Index home page (index.html)
    2. About page, containing information about the product (about.html)
    3. Contact page, providing contact information (contact.html)
    4. External style sheet (style.css)

These are the minimum requirements. You may have more pages and elements if you wish.

When you are done building your site, upload it to your webhosting area.

Evaluation Front-end design: 30%

Conceptual development, marketing and content: 20%

Back-end design: 30%

Report: 20% 


Part 1

Present the front-end design of the home page (mock-up) in a pdf-document, along with your sitemap and wireframe.

Lastly, include your report in the same file.

Submit onto Moodle at Mandatory Assignment 05 – Product Website Part 1

Filename: Gra1_Assignment_05_GRA105_part1_product_website_Name_Date.pdf

Part 2

Upload to webhosting area by FTP:

  • 3 HTML pages
  • 1 style sheet, CSS
  • Pictures, graphics and/or other assets used on web site.

Submit onto Moodle at Mandatory Assignment 05 – Product Website Part 2:

  • Report which clearly includes the link to the website. (The website itself is not to be submitted on Moodle.)
  • Build on your report from part one of this assignment, so that everything is included in your part two report.

Filename: Gra1_Assignment_05_GRA105_final_product_website_Name_Date.pdf


Part 1

Friday before 16.00 at Academic Week 23.

Part 2

Friday before 16.00 at Academic Week 31.

PDF with front – end design.


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