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Week 29 – Point of Sale

Part A

Consider the touchpoints of your brand in general (to ensure that all the elements work together) and then focus on your packaging. Design a set of Point of Sale elements that will promote your product in-store. The set can consist of however many elements you choose. It can be in any format that you would like it to be. Please consider the following:

  1. Can customers clearly see your product in your Point of Sale elements?
    Do you use your Point of Sale to also showcase your actual product?
  2. Brand Integration
    Does it integrate with the brand’s look and feel?
  3. Designed to sell!
    Does it persuade customers to buy your product?

Part B

Brand manual.
Take pictures of your elements and include them in a presentation of your brand called a brand manual or a design manual. Your brand manual should have a minimum of 7 pages and include logo, color scheme and chosen typography as well as the different elements produced during this 4 week project period (brochure, infographic, packaging, point of sale).
Hand in your brand manual as a PDF.

Tip: Take a picture of a shop’s interior and use Photoshop to show your Point of Sale elements within a “real” environment.

Part A

  1. Yes, my product brings attention of customers who are passing by the shelf, it can even be seen by customers who are in other alleys, as there is a higher banner on top of the shelf.
  2. Yes, color palette and infographic are the same, it also contain the same information.
  3. Yes, there are all important benefits highlighted on the side of the shelf. It brings positivity to customers, who are invited to make theirs dogs happy.

Part B

Brand Manual – Happy.



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