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Module Summaries – 3rd. Semester

Graphic Design 3 (FM2GD3111)

Module summary: This module focuses on both esthetics, technical aspects and history within the design process, and communication processes towards different media styles for layout. The goal is to see the students work in a broader context, and give the students analytical skills to both practical and technical work. The combination of color and typography is more complex regarding print.


Strategic design 2 (FM2SD2051)

Module summary: The module focuses on brand development, and developing strategic visual identity, the value of trademarks in the consumer society, and the value of clear design strategy for different organizations and target groups.

Photography 3 (FM2PH3031)

Module summary: The students will learn photo techniques, digital postproduction of motives for commercial use. This includes product photography and photographing commercial material, digital image processing and print preparation.

Portfolio 3 (FM2PO3021)

Module summary: Achieve understanding and skills within self-assessment and completing projects. Repeating previous subjects and modules based on the tutors feedbacks. Internal and external Sensors.

Semester Project 3 (FM2SP2061)

Module summary: Achieve understanding and skills working with projects and graphic productions. This includes project management, developing visual communication with a defined target group, and communicating clearly. Achieve ability to create communicative and functional design solutions towards the graphic industry, mainly focusing on finding the balance between innovative design, communication and functionality, by using creative approaches and solutions.

4th. Semester

Graphic Design 4 (FM2GD4031)

Module summary: The students are educated in Graphic Design style history, to better understand the evolution of graphic design and its impact on society. They are also taught sketching and creative techniques, to become capable of presenting ideas and concepts of their own, in a convincing way, from sketches for final product. The module also consists of information design concerning graphic and screen-based productions.

Motion design (FM2MOD081)

Module summary: Students are taught different principles and methods for motion design, while using industry-leading tools. The subject focus on creative methods in order to reach the  user/viewer.

Skjermbasert design 2 (FM2DS2061)

Module summary: Focus are in both aestethic and conceptual aspects of the online design process. More comprehensive user-oriented solutions provide the students with knowledge about technologies used in combination with HTML and CSS to handle the flow of data between databases, backend and frontend. The student acquires knowledge of HTML and CSS framework and publishing platforms that simplifies the design of, and publication of digital user-oriented solutions. Introduction to social media also.

Photography 4 (FM2PH4031)

Module summary: This last photography module focuses on bringing camera equipment out on location. Students learn techniques and use of on-set equipment, and directing models. The module also focuses on mood boards, location research, and planning.

Portfolio 4 (FM2PO4021)

Module summary: Achieve understanding and skills within self-assessment and completing projects. Repeating previous subjects and modules based on the tutors feedbacks. Internal and external Sensors.

Project Exam 2 (FM2PX2111)

Module summary: At the end of the study year, a final project is carried out, where the students can major in any or all subjects regarding the previous modules. The task will reflect the students’ creating abilities and knowledge within the chosen field, directed towards the personal interest of the individual student, as long as this coincides with subjects within the study. This production can also be used as an attachment to job applications, or be an actual production in itself. Alternatively, the students may carry out a traineeship with a relevant employer.


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