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Week 2 – Gestalt Theory

Define the Gestalt Theory in your own words.

Gestalt Theory says that a group of elements makes a bigger picture with a different meaning.

Page through a magazine or newspaper or browse the Internet and find a different logo for each of the Gestalt principles. Explain in your own words, which logos are showing which principles, motivate your answer. 

  • similarity

Here, objects are almost identical, except the violet one.
The way they are placed makes a viewer see a peacock.


  • continuation

In this case viewer´s eyes are guided through the “space” to the star.6f06727bf03d25a0bf59ae19317d31ca

  • closure

You can see a gorilla and a lion in this logo, even though their figures are not completely closed.


  • proximity

Although, the these are four separate shapes, because of how close they are to each other, one sees them as a group.

  • figure and ground

You can easily differentiate a white man from its color background.

  • figure

The apple is a figure, the white space around it is a background.

Find examples of four themes of thinking, and explain your choices. 

  • KISS – Keep it Short and Simple.

I think that the best example of a simple logo is Apple. Everyone knows that Apple´s logo is actually an apple. They could not make it simpler or better.

  • Text minimization. 

Logo og Google consist of only one word – google.

  • Focus.

In this logo the essential message is included – games.

  • White space.

White space is important in all logo designs, but in some cases it might do more than one think.


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