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Week 3 – Graphic Design History

Question 1

1.1.Define, in your own words, the Bauhaus, De Stijl and Swiss  

1.2. For each of these movements: find examples from their eras,
     as well as current designs that are influenced by these styles.    
     Explain in your own words how these designs were inspired by 
     the movements. 

the Bauhaus
was an art school. It was a combination of arts and crafts with fine art. Its idea was that designed things could be simple, functional and at the same time has a note of individuality.

As you can see, we can find many furnitures inspired by Bauhaus in Ikea. Simple design and functionality characterizes these designs.

De Stilj
the movement founded in 1917. Its idea was to express harmony and order by primary colors and elements simplified to geometric forms.

On the pictures above you can see that De Stilj inspired designers in all fields.
Designers use forms and colors from famous De Stilj artists in new products, such as shoes and pillows or even nail and interior design.

Swiss Design
the style founded in Switzerland in the 1940s and 50s. Its idea was to make design simple (grids), objective and fonts easy to read (sans-serif fonts). Swiss design developed sans-serif fonts, grids and asymmetrical design.

Nowadays, we can see designs inspired by Swiss Design almost everywhere, mostly because of the grid. On the pictures above, you can see how grid, simplicity and sans-serif font were used in Windows or book covers. In book “Symbol”, you can also see asymmetrical design.

Question 2

  • Look at the history timeline at the beginning of this lesson. Gather information from 1900 – 2000, and design your own timeline using the Swiss Design Style as your theme. Each movement should be described in a creative way.
click here for PDF file.

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