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Mandatory Assignment 04 – Layout


In this Assignment we were asked to design layout for a cookbook. The page format should be 200 mm wide by 260 mm high with 3 mm bleed. We should use two different fonts, one serif and one sans serif.
We received an attachment with text and pictures which the book should contain. Continue reading “Mandatory Assignment 04 – Layout”

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Mandatory Assignment 02 – Logo

In this assignment we were asked to design a logo for a new chocolate brand.  We can choose one of the target grous, which is: Teenagers or Women in their 30s.

The new chocolate brand called “Delight” needs a logo. It should be simple, easily recognizable and timeless. It should contain the brand name and a symbol/figure/ornament and not more than 2-3 colors.

I decided to chose the second target group which is the Women in their 30s.
Therfore my logo should be simple and elegant with a hint of femininity. Continue reading “Mandatory Assignment 02 – Logo”

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Product Characteristics – Chocolate

Chocolate is a confectionery, usually sweet product, made of cocoa, fat and sugar. It comes in the form of a liquid, paste or in a block.
Chocolate is sensitive to temperature and should be storage in 15 – 17°C. It has high energy value, in 100 g chocolate is 500-700 kcal.
There are different chocolate products, the most common are:


  • Dark chocolate – contain at least 70% cocoa solids.
  • Milk chocolate – contain powdered, liquid or condensed milk and less than 50% cocoa solids.
  • White chocolate – contain milk, sugar and not more than 33% cocoa butter without cocoa solids.

Continue reading “Product Characteristics – Chocolate”

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The history of Chocolate

First trace of chocolate leads to Mesoamerica.

Evidence suggests that beverages appeared already in 1900 BC, whereas fermented seeds of cacao tree have been served as an alcoholicocoa_beansc beverage in 1400 BC.

To Europe, chocolate arrived in 16th century, when Christopher Columbus came back from his 4th mission to Americas. Cacao beans were found in a native canoe which he seized. But it did not become famous until the Spanish conquest the Aztecs. Then it was imported to Europe and quickly recognized by the court. Continue reading “The history of Chocolate”